Deposit Accounts

First Federal Savings Bank offers a variety of deposit accounts to meet your individual needs. 

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The best fit for YOU!

At First Federal Savings Bank, we believe it's all about providing the best service for our customers.  We take the time to get to know you and then we work hard to find the right products and services that will work for you.  We understand that everyone's lifestyle and budget is not the same therefore, we offer five different checking accounts. 

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Savings & Club Accounts

A good savings account is your safety net when unexpected expenses arise, or to give you the freedom to do the things you want to do. Choose a savings account to fit your needs and life stage.


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SERT (Self Escrow Real Estate Tax) Club Account

The account that pays YOU for saving for your Real Estate Taxes & Homeowner's Insurance.




Account may be opened at any time

You may contribute for estimated Real Estate Taxes, AND Insurance expenses

You may select how often you contribute either Monthly, Semi-Monthly, Bi-Weekly or Weekly

12 Month club account beginning June 1, and ending May 30th (this is the fiscal year)

Will still earn bonus, assuming all requirements are met, if enroll mid fiscal year just at a pro rata base

Automatically renew each year and the Transfer Management transfers will continue in the same amount and frequency, unless you tell us different, or discontinue the account.

You may deposit more than contracted into your SERT Club account, with no affect on your Bonus.


Terms and Conditions

Account holder must have a real estate loan at FFSB that relates to the SERT Club account

Your maximum Insurance contribution is limited to $2,500 annually

The amount of annual contributions may not exceed the previous years' verifiable tax bill PLUS Insurance on the property you are saving for PLUS $1,000.

Automatic transfers are required from either a FFSB account, or an account at another institution.

You must make ALL required periodic payments to receive the Bonus payment.

If you qualify, your Bonus payment will be credited to your FFSB account June 1st, or mailed to you, unless you direct otherwise

BONUS payment amount will be set annually on June 1 of each year, and will be set at 50 basis points ABOVE the Passbook Savings rated offered at FFSB on that date. This bonus rate will be appicable for one year and may be adjusted annually

Withdrawals are not permitted from SERT Club accounts. In an event of an emergency, approved by the bank President, the account can be closed with a charge of $15.00.


*The Bonus payment will be paid as bonus interest. To receive the bonus payment, you must:

Meet all periodic deposit requirements. If you miss a deposit, or deposit less than contracted, you forfeit the Bonus for that 12 month period.

You may not withdraw any amount from the account. This is a NO-Debit account. If you withdraw an amount from this account you forfeit your bonus.

We will annually audit accounts to ensure real estate taxes, and if appicable, insurance premiums, are paid and kept current. Failure to pay taxes and insurance may result in suspension or cancellation of this account. If your account is cancelled at any time by the bank, you forfeit any and all rights to a bonus.


Certificate of Deposits

Whether it's next year's vacation, a future home or simply a place for your money to grow, CDs are the perfect way to save with a purpose. You can invest as little as 3 months or as long as 7 years. Our variety means more savings options.

   Fixed Rate CDs


       Minimize market risk by locking in your rate.

       Early withdrawal penalties may apply

       For current interest rates click on Current Rates 

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA)

Ensure your golden years are worry free. IRA Accounts offer a variety of terms with competitive rates. Depositors can make contributions a little at a time or as a lump-sum. With First Federal you can choose to invest in a Traditional IRA or a ROTH IRA.


            Earn competitive rates of interest

            Terms of 3 months to 7 years

            Minimum opening deposit of $1000

            Early withdrawal penalties may apply

For current rates, call one of our three branches or just stop by and speak with a Customer Service Representative.

Your deposits are protected by FDIC Insurance



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