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Good morning! It's Thursday August 25, 2016

Credit Cards

First Federal Savings is now accepting Credit/Debit Cards for payment on License Sticker Renewals and Loan Payments!




Have a Mortgage Loan with First Federal? Then the SERT Club is for you!

The Self Escrow Real Estate Tax (SERT Club) Account pays you INTEREST while you save for your Real Estate Taxes and Homeowner's Insurance.



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A+ Account

First Federal Savings Bank would like to reward students for their hard work! 

Let First Federal reward your child(ren) for all their hard work in school by opening them an A+ Account.

We will pay $2 per A up to 5 A's each semester.


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Winter House 3

Looking For Great Loan Rates and Low Fees?

First Federal has what you are looking for, and your loan stays in town!

We do not sell your loan to an out-of-town national chain, so your money stays in your community. And NO PMI which means lower payments for you!

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Today's Featured 30 Year Fixed Rate "In House" Mortgage!





"In House" means we do not sell your loan to a 3rd party. No answering machines, no PMI, No FNMA or wondering who your loan is with now. Your money stays in your community.



*Refer to Loan Rates under
Loan Services for more info*


Loan Rates 








Mobile Banking on the Beach

Mobile Banking

Access your accounts wherever you are!

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